My dearest niece…

Aria Rose Medrano, my love. You have no idea how much you mean to me, you have no idea how deep my love for you is. 

The moment I held your little hand when you were taking your first couple of breaths I fell in love. Almost like you were my own child!

You have such a beautiful soul, such a warm touch, such a soft voice, and such an amazing personality. You my dearest are my all! 

I am lucky to be an auntie to such a beautiful child. I’m lucky I get to watch you grow up, watch you learn, watch you become who you are meant to become. God has blessed me in many ways but you my dearest niec,you are the  biggest blessing to me.

I Love You…

When I look into your eyes I see my future…

When I kiss your lips I taste glory…

When I’m wrapped in your arms I feel safe…

You are my today and my tomorrow…

I love you…

What if…

What if tomorrow doesn’t come?

What if the extra mile is worth it?

GET UP AND DO IT ALL! MAKE NO EXCUSES!! It’s better having a “damn i messed up” than a “what if”. 

When it’s everything you’ve ever wanted…

July 20th, 2017, Thursday. 
Every time I sit back and think about the moments we spend together I die. I love everything about him, his smile, his smell, his touch, and his way of being. Yes we all have our own love story but mine isn’t just a love story. It’s a friendship, a genuine friendship. 
In all new relationship you try to figure each other out and ask a billion questions, right? Well it wasn’t quit like that for him and I. Our first date was suppose to just be coffee. Next thing you know it we are on our way to LA for some sight seeing. We hit it off from the start. He wasn’t interested in my past, he didn’t ask foolish questions, nor did he tell me “how it’s going to be”.  He went with the vibe, he went with the flow, he studied my looks, he talked about respect, and he realized I was just as interested as him. 

But what I am trying to say here is that in order to fall in love or to be in love there are no rules! “He’s suppose to do this and say this or treat you this way”. No! You both build the right relationship that fits you both

I use to be stuck in the fairy tale story. Which don’t get me wrong my man is phenomenal and teats me as a princess, but not everything will always be roses and butterflies. There’s fights, disagreements, and decisions made that won’t favor both parties BUT that’s a relationship. That is what building an empire is all about. 
I’m a lucky gal, not because of what he buys me or what he feeds me,(and yas we eat a lot!),but by the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not paying attention, by the way he holds me, by the way he pushes me to be more than just good. I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend. 

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The feeling you give me…

Yea yea yea we all say love is something unexplainable and yea yea yea love makes you do crazy things BUT love is just one of the best things you feel. Love is a feeling so deep inside, deep inside you had no idea even existed. 
It’s something deep in my soul, in between the small gaps and cracks of my heart. The heart that holds not only emotions but feelings. Feelings at times so unexplainable, but the same feelings that can make you hurt so bad….

Sister, sister…

I have a sister, what!? Yes! 

Not a blood sister but a soul sister. Yesenia, my brother’s wife. She has definitely seen me grow into the women I am today. She has witnessed my foolish mistakes and my greatest accomplishments. I owe her a lot and I fail to tell her that. I learned patience , I learned how to be the bigger person, and many other great traits from her. 

I grew up with my older brother, Johnny. Whom I love with my entire heart! He’s my best friend (will post about him soon) he’s definitely my “home”. Their love story was quit unique. 

Growing up with a brother who was 8 years older than me was a trial!! Haha, I was a little boy growing up, loved the dirt, loved to bike ride, loved anything that had to do with getting down and dirty. “Boyish” stuff fascinated me thanks to my brother. He made me tuff and rowdy. We were inseparable. When my Sister in law came into the picture it was a total 360. 

I had to learn how to be soft, how to be kind, and how to listen and not react in a negative way. It was hard but it was worth it. She won my brothers heart so she won mine. I benefited to be honest, I gained a sister, (lucky for me I didn’t have to share clothes nor share my dad lol), I gained two beautiful little girls!! 

in life there’s three things to appreciate ; your family, your present life, and your wisdom. 

How many times do you catch yourself saying enough is enough…

As good people we tend to bend over backwards to accommodate EVERYONE but ourselves. 

When is it our turn? When is it about us? 

Here’s some advice, actually more of a personal testimony. 
I’m an Aquarius, I tend to do everything with my complete heart. I give my all when doing anything, even if it’s simply answering the phone. It’s a good thing and also a bad thing. I’m loyal and committed BUT sometimes people take advantage of that. 

I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me. I love that I know all kinds of people, all ages , and all types of different cultures. 

There was a time in my life where I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t put my feelings or myself first. I learned the hard way. In the work place, in my personal life, and in my relationship I would always accommodate the other party and pushed my feelings/thoughts to the side. I always thought about everyone else’s feelings before saying something or doing something. That made me become a bitter person. I started to forget about myself and who I was. 

After years of doing what people told me to do or what was the “right way” to live I was fed up! I broke! I exploded! That was when I realized enough was enough.

For years I lost the happy soul i was because I let people get in my head. No that does not make me weak, it makes me unselfish. I put others in front of me. I’m not saying I’m selfish now and all I think about is myself but yes I do have “selfish” moments. And that’s a good thing. EVERYONE needs to be selfish from time to time. EVERYONE deserves to fall in love with the person that they are. We are what we make ourselves be. The mind is a powerful thing, learn how to use it the correct way, the healthy way, the happy way….


In a life where everyone is so worried about their social media likes, love yourself and be you. There is no other person that comes close to who you are. 

Meet the Boyfriend..

Matthew A. Caputo is his name. The man that belongs to me and I am so fortunate to have by my side. This Italian man has definitely changed my perspective in life. He not only is the reason why i smile; he is my backbone.  We met at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected way BUT I would not trade this/us for anything else in the world. 

This man is the most respectful, most handsome, most intelligent and most reliable man ever. There is never a time when my door isn’t opened for me or a time when he speaks and I’m not included in his future. This is the person I will give the world to. This is the person I will rip my heart out of my chest and hand it over for ever. I love you Matthew, now , forever, and until the after life.

“I love the way you support me, I love your style, i love your smile, I love your willingness to do your part, i love how you would be a good mother, how you love your family, and i love the way we can be with each other and just impress each other with our presence and not presents.”